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t1bThe story of ParkingTarget is a simple one. After moving into a home with a garage, I quickly realized I had an oil leak, so I put a piece of cardboard on the garage floor, but kept missing it. I thought, if I could find something that stuck to the garage floor, as a reference point, I could not only park correctly, but in the same place every time. After searching for such an item, I quickly realized, it did not exist, so I set out to invent my own. I made the first ParkingTarget out of an old wooden 2 x 4. I cut it, shaped it, and then put some double sided tape on the bottom of it to make it stick to th

c1be garage floor…and it worked. I could see the target, feel it as I drove over it, and parked perfectly every time. ParkingTargets are now made of sustainable commercial plastic. We have our standard target (ipi-100), and two longer heavy duty versions (HD 18 and HD 24), which were originally designed for drive-thru fire houses, and now a line of Hospital bed ParkingTargets –to keep the beds from hitting the wall when moving them. ParkingTargets are a simple and inexpensive way to solve a common problem. They are easy to install, work like a charm and are MADE in the U.S.A. So, if you’re like me and need a little help parking in the same place, give ParkingTarget a try – you can’t miss.



“ParkingTarget helps me park accurately every time so that I can safeguard and access the front of my car and the cabinetry in the front of my garage. ParkingTarget really works and I would recommend this product to anyone without hesitation.” Glen

ParkingTarget is an immeasurable help to keep our car away from the work bench and other items on the floor of the garage because it’s just too hard to tell where the front of most cars end. It’s also really nice to be able to get them at ACE Hardware, since there’s an ACE in nearly every town.”  Chris  

“I can’t tell you how great the ParkingTarget is. I no longer have to crawl over the hood of my Wife’s minivan and the dog is no longer stuck trying to figure out how to get around the car when the garage door is down.” Ed

“Two SUV’s and a tight two car garage… like many Americans, that is the situation at my home.  Since placing our ParkingTargets on the garage floor, there is no more guessing and judging as to where we should park.” Joanne


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