The Sure & Easy Way to Park Beds “Same Place” Every Time!

Avoid Damage to Hospital Walls and Equipment

– Only ONE Needed per Bed
– Avoid Damage to Equipment & Jacks
– Ideal for Crowded Hospital Rooms

– Save on Hospital Wall Repair Costs
– Peel-&-Stick, Easy to Install
– No Assembly Required to Install

“The ones I installed in all of our Med/Surg rooms are working great. The amount of calls for broken connectors on the head wall has greatly declined. Best product ever.”       Bill – Hospital

Hospital Bed ParkingTargets are a simple and effective way to prevent Hospital Beds from hitting the walls when moving beds into or around a patient’s room. Hitting the walls can cause thousands of dollars in damage to vital and expensive medical equipment, walls, and jacks each year. Applying a Hospital Bed ParkingTarget to the floor in front of the wall makes it easy to park Hospital Beds in the “Same Place” Every Time! The Targets have solid surfaces and solid end caps, which make them easy to clean. They have a Peel-n-Stick tape on the bottom, so they are easy to install on the floor.
Only ONE is needed per bed and they are long enough to span most wheel bases. This simple solution is great for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and other similar facilities. Hospital Bed ParkingTargets are a quick and easy way to consistently save time and money every year with less maintenance.

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Product Details:
Part # HOB-345
Specs: L: 34.5˝ x W: 3.5˝ x H: 1.25˝ Weight: 3 lbs.         Price: $39.99 each.
FREE Shipping in U.S.A.           Custom Lengths Available

Order Information:
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